Eco Action

We recently published a summary of our climate change story so far which you can read here.

It includes a vote by the diocese (including our Cathedral) to disinvest in fossil fuel companies in March 2022.


In November 2019 our Diocesan Synod voted to work towards becoming an Eco Diocese within which means lots of our churches are registering as Eco Churches.

In addition, in February 2020, the Church of England General Synod voted for all part of the Church to work towards becoming carbon net zero by 2030.

You can read an updated summary of a recent Bishop’s Council paper (by clicking here) and Bishop's Council discussed a first draft of a new Diocesan Environment Policy when it met on 15 June 2020.

In December 2021 the Diocesan Synod adopted a diocesan environment policy, incorporating a diocesan commitment to reduce carbon emissions in support of national church carbon net zero aim for 2030 and to encourage parishes to apply for Eco Church status.  You can read a copy of the environment policy by clicking here.

The Diocesan Environment Group (DEG) meets roughly five times a year and works as a channel of communication between parishes and those working to safeguard creation, particularly working on the Eco-diocese target, planning events and sharing information and seeks to be an encouraging and empowering group of people passionate about God and planet! Find out more here.

Andrew Quigley is our Environmental Officer and can be contacted enquiries about DEG or advice on Eco Church activities on: 

T: 0116 254 4113

You can find out more about Eco Action around the diocese by clicking here

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