Bishop's Youth Council

Bishop's Youth Council - BYC


What is BYC?

Bishops Youth Council empowers young people to put their F A I T H into action by providing a platform for young people across the Diocese of Leicester to have a V O I C E and be heard. Our V I S I O N is to see the church change, becoming younger and more diverse.        

Who are BYC and what do they do?

Bishops Youth Council are a small group of young people, aged 14-18, who meet each month to chat about faith and life. Bishops Youth Council has two seats on Bishops Council, where they represent the voice of children and young people in Leicester Diocese. Its purpose is not simply to meet the needs of children and young people, but to incorporate them and their ideas into every area of church life.

History of BYC?

Bishops Youth Council has been meeting in Leicester Diocese for 15 years! During that time, it has constantly evolved, changing members and focus for changing times. The Youth Council have organised an online climate change conference, met with Archbishops, hosted youth events, attended General Synod and visited link Dioceses in Tanzania & Trichy, South India. The constant thread has been having a voice.

Get involved?

We are reimaging how we can hear the voice of children, young people and students in the Diocese. How might we involve schools, households and church-based children’s and youth groups?  

We are looking to form a new Bishops Youth Council in September 2022. Are you interested in finding out more and shaping this exciting new journey?

Fill in this form and Matt, our Intergenerational Enabler, will get in touch to chat more.

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