1. Register of Architects and Surveyors

Under the Inspection of Churches Measure 1955, only those Architects and Surveyors approved by the DAC can undertake the Quinquennial Inspection of a church. The details of Architects and Surveyors who have expressed an interest in undertaking Quinquennial Inspections can be found on the Register of Architects & Surveyors (see below).

N.B. The Register is produced solely to indicate those architects / surveyors who are interested in undertaking QIs in the Diocese of Leicester. It should not be used for shortlisting purposes for the QI Appointment itself or for grant applications.

The DAC has also produced an Advisory Note for PCCs / DCCs wishing to appoint an Architect or Surveyor which should be followed whenever an appointment needs to be made for whatever purpose (see below). Each appointment of an Architect / Surveyors must be approved by the DAC.

The DAC has also issued guidance on how to maintain the relationship with you Architect or Surveyor once the appointment has been made (see below).


2. Applying to join the Register of Architects and Surveyors

The Register is renewed every five years. This was last done during 2015 and so the current list runs from 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2020.

The DAC has adopted a Policy Statement on adding Architects and Surveyors to the Register. All applications are assessed against the Policy Statement on the Approval of Architects and Surveyors (see below).

Any Architect or Surveyor wishing to apply to join the Register will need to complete the application form (see below) and submit it to the DAC Secretary.



Register of Architects & Surveyors

Appointing an Architect / Surveyor

Relationships with Architect / Surveyor

Approval Policy

Application to join the Register