Everyday Gifts Sunday – abiding and fruitfulness

Sunday 6 November 2022

Together as a diocese we are invited to set aside Sunday 6 November to think about our calling and what calling might mean for us.  We have an opportunity for...

  • Thankfulness – for the gifts offered by others that bless us, bless our churches and bless our communities
  • Encouragement – to help those around us to see gifts in themselves they might not see for themselves
  • Generosity – to consider how we might offer our own gifts even when they may seem meagre too
  • Faith – to trust that Jesus can transform whatever we offer into abundant blessing

Downloadable Resources:
•  Intergenerational service plan
•  Liturgy
•  Collective worship material
•  Small Group session 
•  Everyday Gifts Graphic PNG

All resources above can be adapted for use. More resources will be uploaded in due course

If you would like someone to visit as a guest speaker get in touch.
For any other information contact Liz Rawlings liz.rawlings@leicestercofe.org

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