Life Events

Baptisms, confirmations, thanksgivings, weddings, blessings and funerals are a key part of any church’s core ministry.

Although they are part of the legal and pastoral duty of every parish church, it is also a great privilege to be asked to share in these big moments, especially since there is an increasing choice of places to celebrate them elsewhere. 

Part of that privilege is that churches have the opportunity to show God’s love, hospitality, care and welcome through the church community. There are some simple, practical things which can be done to keep in touch with these contacts and invite them to church, not just for the ‘big day’, but also before it, and long afterwards too. 

The national Church of England Life Events team offers churches advice, encouragement, resources and insights into mission and ministry around these occasions. The core message is that churches are always there for families, ‘For the day and all the days to come’. 

The Diocese of Leicester welcomed the Church of England Life Events team in May 2019, when they delivered a full day of sharing their research findings, resources and suggestions for developing ministry around funerals.

The Life Events Diary is avilable free of charge for all churches within the Church of England to help streamline the administration of baptism, weddings, banns, and funerals, so that they can focus on the ministry and mission of the life events services.

See the national Church of England Life Events resource website for more detail.

For more infomation about upcoming confirmation services and the process for these, click here.


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