Living in Love and Faith Resources

The Church of England has published Living in Love and Faith (LLF) resources to help us look at Christian teaching and learnings on identity, sexuality and marriage with respect and a genuine commitment to living and listening well across difference. 

The resources are available for individuals and church settings (see details further below) and aim to help the Church embark on a  period of reflection through 2021. Click here to see a graphic which sets out how the resources are intended to be used. It is hoped that churches and fresh expressions will use them to have gracious and honest discussions, and to engage in mutual listening and learning.  LLF itself is not about coming to any particular decisions but about genuine dialogue and living well together with difference.

The bishops have convened the Living Well Together Implementation Group; a group of people representing different views on these matters from across the range of traditions in our diocese. The group has undertaken the five-part course included in the LLF resources  (click here to register and explore the LLF learning hub), aiming to model the process of respectful listening and learning, and will share its experiences from that process with the wider diocese after reporting to Diocesan Synod this spring. New resources on the hub include 'Braver and Safer - creating spaces for learning together well' and an LLF Chaplaincy role description.  
Bishop Martyn said:

“We recognise that there has often been an absence of the genuine love for each other which God intends us to live by in the way these issues have been talked about. As a group we are committed to trying to model a better way of intentionally listening to each others' stories and theological positions with real respect for one another.”
Bishop Guli said:

“We will be exploring these resources as a group and we encourage you to proactively use them throughout the coming year, making our love for each other as sisters and brothers in Christ the most important characteristic of all of our discussions.
Bishop Martyn added:

“In coming weeks and months there will also be other conversations which we as Church must engage with. We will soon publish a report on Women’s Ministry and details of how we are working towards a local action plan for tackling systemic racism towards people of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) heritage. We will be sharing details of  ideas and resources that will help you to create safe spaces for conversations on these topics too, so that we can all truly listen lovingly to one another.”  
More about our Living Well Together Implementation Group

The new working group is tasked with developing and implementing a plan to encourage all churches to engage with the Pastoral Principles (see here) and the Living in Love and Faith resources (see here).

The diverse group of clergy and lay people, diocesan staff and Synod representatives has met three times. As well as beginning to listen to each other’s stories, they have also started detailed discussion of the group’s aims and objectives and plans for communicating with the wider diocese.

The following people are members of the group:
Vic Allsop, Jon Barrett, Alison Booker, Andy Brockbank, Guli Francis-Dehqani, Mike Kelly, Noreen Mewies, Helen Newman, Penny Pullan, Martyn Snow, Jerry Taylor, Trevor Thurston-Smith, Evernice Tirivanhu, Sue Willetts.

The Group has set up a dedicated email address for correspondence As part of the Group’s covenant, members have agreed that they will not respond individually to enquiries about the working of the group – nor to any form of ‘lobbying’ -  and will only offer joint responses through the dedicated email. This is all part of our hope that the Group will model what it means to live well together in the face of disagreement. 

The Group plans to send out updates in the coming months in the hope that churches across the diocese will engage sensitively and meaningfully with the questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage which are at the heart of the Living in Love and Faith process.



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