Reimagine: Leading the Church out of Lockdown

“Christ is the Lord of a history that moves.  He not only holds the beginning and the end in his hands, but he is in history with us, walking ahead of us to where we are going.”
Thomas Merton

Welcome to Reimagine - a set of resources to help you reflect and think through the process of leading churches forward into a post-lockdown world.  We talk about ‘a new normal’ but what will that look like?  This will either happen to us if we just plough on without stopping to think.  Or it can happen through us if we open ourselves to what God is saying to us and allow him to reshape us.  This moment presents an opportunity for change to the church.  Because of the disruption that we have experienced, we now have the chance to reimagine the church of tomorrow. 

The video below explains the resource further...

Within this resource we have prepared some different contributions to help you in your reflecting, reimagining and rebuilding. We are aware of how exhausting this lock-down time has been and so we wanted to put some tools in your hands, which we pray will be helpful in making this process feel possible.  Below is a brief description of each of these which are available to be downloaded in pdf format (click on the headings to download).  These are definitely only the first word on this subject, but we offer them in the hope that in the hands of God we might discover how he is calling us to see his church bring the kingdom of love and restoration into our local communities. 

  1. An Invitation to Reflect and Learn:
    Guidance and questions to use in your reflection on the themes of this time.
  2. The Church of Tomorrow:
    Ten emerging themes of what the church of tomorrow might look like.
  3. Leadership Journey
    An outline of a leadership process designed to engage key leaders / PCC members, including a suggested meeting format to help people engage with these questions and themes, and a process to lead into action.
  4. Restore: Introduction & Sermon Resources:
    Restore is five sessions of sermon outlines and small group material shaped around Psalm 23 to help church members engage with the themes of; reflect, refresh, rejoice, remember and recover.
  5. Restore: Small Group Resources:  
    5 session outlines for small groups to follow
  6. A Community Building Event:
    An outline of a public event to bring church members and local community together which enables them to celebrate, connect, reflect and reimagine the future together.
  7. Outreach Ideas:
    Some practical ideas for making the most of the evangelistic opportunity of this time based on the five Restore themes.

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