Youth Ministry

This page is currently under review and some of the detais below will be updated in due course. In the meantime if you would like to speak to someone about Youth Ministry please contact PT&MD Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Communities Enabler: Matt Long:

Group support for youth ministry workers

There is a Mentoring Programme in place for those involved in youth ministry. This provides a safe and confidential space to talk about the joys and challenges of youth ministry, as well as someone to bounce new ideas off and look at different resources. The Youth Ministry Community is a network for any employed workers, meeting once a term for a time of worship, Bible teaching, prayer and an opportunity to discuss current issues in youth ministry. We also run an annual retreat for youth workers.

Mission apprentices/Ministry Experience Scheme (MES)

To support young people in exploring their vocation the Diocese of Leicester has formed an exciting partnership with the New Wine Discipleship Year and the Community of the Tree of Life. There are three transformational building blocks to the year
- Placement Church – serving in a range of ministries e.g. worship, compassion, youth, children, digital
- New Wine Discipleship Year – a day of teaching each week, two residential weekends, and opportunity to serve on summer conferences and an overseas trip.
- Community of the Tree of Life – participants live with up to 14 others in a large house sharing rhythms of meals, prayer and life together This year is all about helping young adults explore who God is calling them to be and what he might be calling then to do.
For more information please contact Matt Long:

Bishop’s Youth Council

Young people’s opinions are highly valued, and young people who are interested in how the diocese works need to be encouraged and supported. Our Youth Ministry Officer coordinates the Bishop’s Youth Council - a group of young people from across the diocese who play a key part in informing and feeding in to diocesan decision making from the young person’s perspective. They also have the opportunity to develop leadership and ministry experience that might not be possible within their own church. If you would like more information about the Bishop’s Youth Council and how any young people you know can get involved, please get in touch with Matt Long:

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Young people today face huge challenges and pressures. Recognising and responding well to young people experiencing poor mental health is a ministry many churches could offer. A 2 day course is available (accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health) to train clergy, curates, youth workers, children’s workers, pioneers, pastoral assistants and parents so they have a better understanding of mental health and how it can impact on young people. We will keep this page updated with details of how this training will be offered in the future. 

Sharing knowledge and experience

There is a great wealth of experience of youth ministry within the diocese, so to help this be shared and to connect individuals with others who have similar youth ministry interests, Youth Ministry Streams are convened locally, with a focus on a particular aspect of youth ministry. These help specialist experience to be shared across the diocese. Currently running are: · Youth Ministry and Theology · Youth Ministry and community-based work · 


The Diocese of Leicester are committed to making all youth ministry accessible to those with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs. This includes young people, but also staff members and volunteers who wish to participate. A growing number of ideas and resources for youth ministry will be available online. If you would like advice from the Diocese Disability Advisor please email:

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