Micro Grants

A part of the Tier 1 Grants, the Growth Fund offers Microgrants for specific events relevant to the church. Events we have funded in the past include celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday in 2016 and Thy Kingdom Come week.

These are small amounts of funding which can help churches connect to the local community through recognising these opportunities to celebrate, remember or reflect.

This section is updated so please see below for the current Microgrants which are available. These are sometimes considered outside of the Tier 1 meetings and so you may receive funding sooner than the usual process.

These have less paperwork and are for grants between £250 - £500.

We are not currently running a Microgrant at this time.

Any questions regarding these please email the Growth Fund Administrator - Poppy Woods T: 0116 261 5376 poppy.woods@leccofe.org