Tier 1 Grants


Click on the headings below for more details about Tier 1 eligablity, how to apply and examples of growth.


Why apply for Tier 1?

Tier 1 grants are great for churches or fresh expression who wish to start a group or project which can bring people into the church family. These projects range from Messy Churches to interactive prayer stations and running an Alpha course. For more success stories see below.

How much can you apply for?

You can apply for between £250 - £5,000.

Who is eligible?

Only Anglican Churches or Fresh Expressions of Church in the Diocese of Leicester are eligible. However a partnership of an Anglican Church and another organisation or church may be eligible.

What kind of projects do we fund?

- Should come out of prayerful discernment as to God's calling
- Mission should be the primary goal and other applications which are clearly not for that purpose will not be approved
- Need only address one of the three dimensions of growth (but two or three are welcome!):
- Number of Disciples of Jesus
- Depth of Discipleship
- Loving Service of the World
- Made on a one off basis; (but this doesn’t mean that you can’t apply more than once for different things - in fact this encouraged!)
- Does not require matched funding by the applicant (although a demonstration of commitment in financial terms would add weight to the application)
- Where an on-going project or ministry is envisaged, evidence should be provided to show how it will be sustainable beyond the lifetime of the grant.
- Should not be for fundraising events for churches as the main goal should be mission and not making a profit.
- Funding must be for a project or events which will start after the application. Existing projects would not be eligible to apply for funding for the regular running or upkeep of the project.

Examples of Growth

Number of Disciples of Jesus: ·
- An increase in the size of the core group of 10-14 year olds to keep the flow through the youth work going. We currently have 10 people in this age range and would like to get to 18 or more of them. 
- We have 8 families currently at our church and would like to see 3 new families a year becoming part of the church family because of this project 
-We would like to see an increase in people coming into the church from the local community, we currently have 112 church members and hope to see 20 more people visiting every year as a result of this new project.
Depth of Discipleship 
- We currently have 3 young people in leadership roles in the church youth team and would like 2 more young people per year getting involved in leadership. 
- This Fresh of Expression church will enable those involved to grow and be supported in developing their own discipleship, as measured by the number attending home groups. We currently have no home groups running but would like to see 3 groups running by the end of the year. 
- We hope to pilot our first residential in October to which 20 young people have already expressed an interest.
Loving Service of the World
- 15 people per year being freed from debt using a church run debt counselling centre.
- By having a ‘pay as you see fit’ basis on food and drink, we hope to see 10 new parents with toddlers from the local area attending the toddler group after 6 months. 
- Meaningful opportunities to pray for users of the Foodbank as a result of missional conversations, aiming to see 20 service users prayed for every week.

What is the application process?

The application for a Tier 1 grant may take up to 6 weeks to be approved from when you submit it so please bear that in mind when making an application. Support is available throughout the process if you get in contact with the Growth Fund Administrator. If you send in a draft application up to 2 weeks before the deadline date, you can receive feedback and advice. Click here for a flowchart of the process.

How to apply:

- Please e-mail or send the completed application form, together with any supporting documents to the Growth Fund Administrator  for the required deadline date (dates can be found below)
- Please submit the application form in Microsoft Word format and keep any supporting documents in this format. DO NOT convert it to PDF as this makes the process more difficult. 
- A letter form the Safeguarding Coordinator of your church must also be submitted to ensure that they are aware of this project.* 
- The Administrator will get back to you within 48 hours (working days are Monday to Friday) with confirmation of receiving your application. 
- You will receive the outcome 3-5 days after the Committee meeting with instructions on what to do next.

Deadline Dates


Tier 1 Deadline Date Tier 1 Meeting Dates
15th January 2020 29th January 2020 Meeting Cancelled
19th February 2020 4th March 2020
22nd April 2020 6th May 2020
17th June 2020 1st July 2020
2nd September 2020 16th Sept 2020
14th October 2020 28th October 2020
18th November 2020 2nd December 2020

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