Tier 2 Grants


Since 2013 Growth Fund has granted 70 Tier 2 grants across our diocese, for a wide variety of projects, totalling £2,016,481.44!

These grants are transforming people’s lives and making an impact for the kingdom of God across our county. If you have an idea for something similar then we’d love to hear from you. On this page you’ll find more information about the particulars of how to apply, what you might need to consider beforehand, and some of the stories so far.

Please note: We are currently reorganising the Growth Fund as the Growth Fund Administrator post is currently vacant and are currently unable to accept applications for new Tier 2 Grants. We will update the website as soon as we’re in a position to receive new Tier 2 applications.

Why apply for Tier 2?

These grants are for churches and fresh expression who want to change a large aspect of church culture or activity such as starting an outreach project to serve the local community or employing a youth worker to increase the number of young people coming into the church.

How much can you apply for?

Applications for Tier 2 grants can be for between £3,000 - £15,000 annually and up to 3 years in length

Who is eligible?

Only Anglican Churches or Fresh Expressions of Church in the Diocese of Leicester are eligible. However a partnership of an Anglican Church and another organisation or church may be eligible.

What kind of projects do we fund?

There are several important conditions of these grants (which you will find if you scroll down) but any 2 Tier 2 application must be 50% match funded by the applicant. Any grant needs to have a strong focus on how it will achieve all 3 of the areas of growth expressed in Matthew 13:31-32 that the Growth Fund has been called too.
31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.
In this passage a seed is planted in well prepared soil and puts down deep roots so that it continues to live and grow. As it grows it becomes of service to the world because birds are able to rest in its branches (bearing more seed) and animals shelter in the shade. Tier 2 grants need to be able to demonstrate clear aims in all three of the dimensions of growth that this parable represents, and these are: 
- In the numbers of disciples of Jesus, both new and returning disciples 
- In the deepening of their discipleship
- In their loving service of the world

Success Stories:

To watch a video about recent success stories from Growth Funded projects visit: https://youtu.be/eo1GtupH7Zo

Expectations of any Tier 2 Grant

Since the Growth fund is ultimately about spreading the Gospel and the transformational effect that living out its message can have there are several key expectations for any grant. Applications that do not fully meet all of these expectations may not be approved, so please read the below bullet points carefully:
- Your project should come out of a prayerful discernment as to God’s calling.
- You should be able to clearly articulate the story of this area of ministry up to this point in time, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. 
- Your application should have clear outcomes in all 3 areas of Growth.
- If your project involves ministry in a specific are (i.e. youth work or fresh expressions of church) then it is a pre-requisite that you consult the appropriate diocesan officer during the application process.
- That you work with a Critical Friend from the Committee both at the application stage and during the lifetime of a grant.


Your organisation must have adopted the the revised Diocesan model Safeguarding policy, giving date when it was adopted and give the name and contact details of the Parish Safeguarding Coordinator. 
- Every application must be supported by a letter from the applicants Safeguarding Coordinator, acknowledging and supporting the application. 
- Your application will not be processed if these conditions are not met.


- Your application should taper the amount requested over the lifetime of the grant. E.g., £20,000 in year 1, £15,000 in year 2, £10,000 in year 3.
- You must give a clear exit strategy for the project past the lifetime of the grant – we have a finite amount of money! 
- It is highly recommended that you speak with the Diocesan Generous Giving team during the application process.

Feedback and on-going relationships

- A commitment to regular yearly feedback to the Growth Fund Committee 
- A willingness to help the Growth Fund celebrate more widely the impact that a project might be having. For example; being available to share your experiences at Diocesan or Deanery Synod, or being available for video interviews. 
- Provide High quality (both in terms of file size and subject material) photos that celebrate the story of your project


- In applications that involve employment, a commitment to attending “Excellence in working relationships” to ensure that employment law and good practice is adhered to. This would mean that the line manager has already booked onto part one of this course as the application is submitted.
- Recognition that submission of an application is an indicator that the project agrees to supervised a line management meeting as a result of the above course. This helps promote shared learning and protects both employee and employer..


- A Submission of the PCC accounts prior to the application and that the project might continue to do so during the lifetime of the grant 
- That the grant amount applied for cannot exceed 50% of the overall costs of the projet.

Examples of Growth

Number of Disciples of Jesus: 
- An increase in the size of the core group of 10-14 year olds to keep the flow through the youth work going. We currently have 10 people in this age range and would like to get to 18 or more of them. 
- We have 8 families currently at our church and would like to see 3 new families a year becoming part of the church family because of this project
- We would like to see an increase in people coming into the church from the local community, we currently have 112 church members and hope to see 20 more people visiting every year as a result of this new project. 
Depth of Discipleship 
- We currently have 3 young people in leadership roles in the church youth team and would like 2 more young people per year getting involved in leadership.
- This Fresh of Expression church will enable those involved to grow and be supported in developing their own discipleship, as measured by the number attending home groups. We currently have no home groups running but would like to see 3 groups running by the end of the year.
- We hope to pilot our first residential in October to which 20 young people have already expressed an interest.
Loving Service of the World 
- 15 people per year being freed from debt using a church run debt counselling centre. 
- By having a ‘pay as you see fit’ basis on food and drink, we hope to see 10 new parents with toddlers from the local area attending the toddler group after 6 months. 
- Meaningful opportunities to pray for users of the Foodbank as a result of missional conversations, aiming to see 20 service users prayed for every week.

What is the application process?

Click here to download a flowchart of the application process. This is a longer process as there I much more accountability and support than in the Tier 1 process. This is to ensure the success of the grants and to ensure the governance is properly followed. From filling in the Expression of Interest form to receiving the grant it could take up to 10 weeks so please bear this in mind in your planning. You are also given a member of the Committee to assist you with the whole process, this person is referred to as a Critical Friend. If you are advised to go ahead with the project application then you will be given a Critical Friend to work with.

How to apply:

Download the Tier 2 Expression of Interest Form here- Please fill in this form if you would like more information on how to apply for a Tier 2 Growth Fund Application. Please submit the application form in Microsoft Word format and keep any supporting documents in this format. DO NOT convert it to PDF as this makes the process more difficult.
For help with this please contact the Growth fund Administrator, Phil Leech. After this, you will be advised as to whether you should fill in the application form, you will also be provided with a guidance document to cover the whole process. The application form is here for your reference, however, please do not fill it in until you have done the above.


Deadline dates


Tier 2 Deadline Dates Tier 2 Meeting Dates
2nd January 2020 13th February 2020 Meeting Cancelled
5th May 2020 16th June 2020
7th July 2020 18th August 2020
6th October 2020 17th November 2020


Contact Us

For larger applications it is a good idea to contact the Growth Fund Support Officer Poppy Woods for more comment, information or advice before formally beginning the application process. This allows good lines of communication to open early, and all discussions will be confidential.

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