Local Delivery Training

See below the many courses available to deaneries and parishes to deliver independently or with M&M facilitation

Holy Habits: Six Holy Habits

Dwelling in the Word- Listening for the living God through the living Word as a community.

Dwelling in the World – Recognising people of peace, learning from the community around us.

Hospitality - Receiving and giving hospitality. Welcoming and being welcomed.

Announcing the Kingdom - Noticing and naming the signs of the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual Discernment - Talking and planning together - listening to God in the process.

Focus for Missional Action - Out of all the things we could do, what are we called to do?

All available as stand-alone course or introductory evening. For more infomation email mmbookings@leccofe.org or call 0116 2615.

Mission and Evangelism

“Food for thought”

You provide a two-course meal, we provide the input.

A way of getting church family members to learn together and discuss sharing their faith over a meal. Using two different sets of conversation starter cards, and with a built in change of tables between courses, a range of subjects linked to how we share our faith and tell our own stories are explored. The evening ends with a plenary over coffee and is designed to equip ordinary Christians to speak more confidently about Jesus with their friends.

Everyday Guide to Sharing your Faith

An evening for anyone from your church family to think about how we share our faith with friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members. A mixture of talks and activities to help give confidence in sharing faith,  led by Jon Barrett and Beth Cluer from Mission and Ministry. The evening lasts two hours, all the host church, PCC or Mission Partnership need to provide is a venue and refreshments. The evening would be suitable for any number from about a dozen upwards and is designed to encourage ordinary Christians to be confident to “give a reason for the hope they have”. (1 Peter 3:15)

Contact: Jon or Beth on Jon.Barrett@LecCofE.org or Beth.Cluer@LecCofE.org for more details around either of these sessions.

OMEGA: A Christian Approach to death and dying

This six week course is deigned to help Christian people who may be approaching retirement or be newly retired, to explore issues of life and faith which are particularly relevant to the later years of our lives.

Many of us will live beyond the time when we feel ‘useful’ or ‘productive’ and may fear the loss of control and autonomy which older age can bring. This course is deigned to lift the taboo on ageing and dying and enable frank and open discussion between people of faith.

Course materials are provided and can be used by local facilitator, with a co-leader. The ideal group size for the course is between eight and 12 members and a commitment to the full six weeks is important for participants. There are suggested exercises for group members to engage with in-between sessions. The format is a mixture of interactive input and group conversations.

The Mission and Ministry department has copies of this course to give away. Please email mmbookings@leccofe.org for more details.

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