Celebrations as Sharon March is licensed as Pioneer Minister for Avon Swift


The Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Revd Martyn Snow, has welcomed Sharon March as House for Duty Pioneer Minister for the Avon Swift group of churches in South Leicestershire.


Previously a Pioneer in the Benefice of Birstall and Wanlip, Sharon was licensed by Bishop Martyn at St Andrew’s Church, North Kilworth.


Pioneer Development Worker Jonathan Dowman, said: “The church was packed, the welcome warm and you could really feel the Holy Spirit stirring the church for action. It will be an exciting three years ahead and we look forward to journeying with Sharon, and her husband Stephen, who is a Pioneer Development Worker, and the churches of the Avon Swift benefice as they pioneer in mission together, seeking to grow numbers of disciples, depth of discipleship and grow in loving service to the world.”


At the end of his sermon, Bishop Martyn shared this poem: “God crossed a border, a boundary left his world to go on a journey into ours the word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood dwelt among us we stand in a long line of ancestors of pioneers of risk takers of improvisers of those who dared to take the adventure of following Christ to leave their known world step off its edge, free falling with God, crossing borders into unknown futures and new worlds to share the story of Christ and plant the seed of the gospel as the Father sent me so I am sending you.


“The story has been passed to us because of those who dared, who risked, who dreamed, who followed, who improvised. Now we stand looking out into the future. Will you dare? Will you dream? Will you risk? Will you follow? Will you leave your known world? Will you freefall with God? Will you join Christ in the adventure? Will you be baptised into God’s mission? Will you rise to surf with God into the future? Will you trust the Spirit? Far we have come, far must we go. Here we are. Send us.'”


You can find out more about Pioneer Ministers by clicking here.


First published on: 6th August 2019
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