Confirmations celebrated in Framland

Bishop Guli confirmed seven candidates on the 7th October from four benefices (Upper Wreake, High and South Framland, South Croxton, Burrough Hill) in the Framland deanery at Frisby on the Wreake. Ages ranged from 10 to over 70.


Two of the candidates shared more about their faith and journey to confirmation:



Since I was little I have learned about God in many different ways. Some of these things are singing and having stories told to me each night. I also have RE lessons. As my dad is the vicar my family have been going to church every Sunday. I enjoyed going to Messy Church & Sunday Club and we have watched all of the DVD series, “What’s in the Bible?” Each time I go to church I learn new things which makes me wonder a little more about what actually happened in the Bible. The songs at school we sing are more modern day songs than hymns; I think that both hymns & nowadays songs still send the same message. The Youth Alpha course has given me even more confidence about my faith. I have also really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. For me God is one big mystery!



Growing up, hearing bible stories each night, singing songs at school and RE lessons have strengthened my faith and understanding. I also have wonderful godmothers, who send me cards and support me. This year I have learnt lots during the Youth Alpha course and really enjoyed hearing other people’s views on things. I also went on a CPAS Venture camp which made God more real, through modern songs, prayer time and talking to leaders about faith. Talking to my sponsor about confirmation has helped me with some uncertainties but I am really looking forward to it now.


Pictured above (Left to right):

David Perrill (Reader), Rebecca, Revd David Harknett, Victoria, Keith ,Bishop Guli, Carys , Eve, Grace, Dominic, Revd David Cowie, Revd Neil Stothers

First published on: 5th August 2019
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