Iyanu’s Everyday Faith


Iyanu recently graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Biomedical Science. She is actively involved in her church community and enjoys worshiping God through music…


I am blessed to have always been in a Christian home, and have known about God from a young age. There were several instances growing up that nudged me closer to actually finding out who God is and developing a relationship with Him.


Being a Christian to me is being a lover and follower of Jesus Christ; being a disciple is sharing God’s love and the good news to everyone around us – in conversation and in action.
I feel like the most impactful way of sharing God’s love to others is by showing it. It is something I try and do but can only do well with the help of God’s Holy Spirit.


I speak to God all the time, just as I would a friend. He speaks to me with quiet and gentle reminders; thoughts that make me chuckle, verses of the Bible, a quote or song.
I try to be intentional about spending time with God in the mornings and evenings. I recently started using an app called First15 which encourages us to spend our first 15 minutes of the day with God. It’s great! Other devotionals I love are UCB Word For Today and Open Heavens.


It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life, but from experience, going it alone doesn’t work for me in the long run. Time spent with God in the morning helps me set the tone of my day, it works as a reminder sometimes to love outside out of myself even if I feel offended or hurt, it is an opportunity for me to thank God for giving me a new day of life and to ask Him to go ahead and help me through it.


Evening time is good for reflection. I ask God to help me to be better with what I failed at, pray for others and commit my night’s rest into His hands. I see it as a relationship and it takes two to make it work – God and I. It wouldn’t be fair if God wasn’t pulling His weight, we’d be able to feel it. But God is always working for our good, so it’s not fair for us not to talk to Him – He wants to know about our day and hear about our problems and give us rest and advice.


We do evangelism Sundays in my church, in which the church goes out into town and gives out fliers, and talks to people about God. I feel like witnessing comes most naturally to me when I’m just in conversation with someone. God is such a huge part of my life, I can’t not talk about Him! Sometimes I’m more aware of who I’m talking to – if I know they don’t believe – but I know that shouldn’t deter me.


I feel like God has given me a heart of worship and a nice voice. I love to sing and praise God in a bunch of different languages – I think it’s amazing that we can do that.
Singing is definitely my favourite expression of worship. I loved singing with my DMU Gospel Choir family and my church choir family. There is something truly beautiful about coming together to worship God and sharing that with other people. Our singing can put a smile on the faces of others, and while we’re making them smile, God is working on their heart.


God is always at work in my life. In my last year of university, I was on my way to a church programme and in a state of deep thought. I didn’t feel in the best position to be talking to God.


I was crossing the road and I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to check for cars, which I did thinking ‘okay but why? The light is green.’
Before I knew it, a large car drove around the corner and knocked me forward. It hit my arm and grazed my ankles. I was holding keys which cut into my hands. I didn’t fall over – I was just in a state of shock.


The car kept driving and whilst still in the middle of the road, I looked back to check that it was indeed still safe for me to walk and crossed the road. It wasn’t until I was near my church and someone who was in a car near the incident drove round to ask me if I was okay, that it really sank in. A few steps earlier in that same position could have cost me my life, but God had saved me.
At a moment where I wasn’t feeling worthy, God was still looking out for me and I am so grateful.


My life has been a journey of stages, a path of growth that I really wouldn’t have wanted to do with anyone else but God. I’m still on that journey and I look forward to what the future holds for us.
I feel that during my time at university, my relationship with God has levelled up, thanks to the church I was attending in Leicester- the youth group, choir, leadership and church community in general.
Societies at university and the different friendships and relationships I have made have also help to strengthen my faith – I believe every experience we have plays a part in God’s greater plan for our lives.

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