Ruth's Everyday Faith

As we go into mid September many young people will heading to university, maybe for the first time, or to continue their studies. Lots of students live away from home, experiencing new things and meeting new people. Ruth shares her experience of living out her everyday faith as a student...

Most people would be aware that University life is a challenge. Not only are you met with new responsibilities, like feeding yourself, working a washing machine and managing money, but students are also thrown into a completely new environment. I quickly realised that peer pressure is a very real issue, and standing out is only seen as a good thing when it involves bold clothing choices. I’m just going into my thrid year at university, and looking back, it’s possible to see situations in which my faith has really shaped my everyday life. As Christians, we know that our whole lives should be reflections of our belief in Christ, as we are living for something more than this world, but when you are in a totally new situation, away from home and in a new City, this can feel really difficult.

I want to be honest that there have definitely been times at university where I have shied away from talking about what I believe, and have not stood up for what my faith stands for. Sometimes my fear of people trumps my fear of God, and I choose not to try and stand out for the gospel; after all, I am only human. But, there have also been times where I have found myself standing on the corner of a street having conversations with random people about the good news of Jesus, which I think accurately portrays the real highs and lows of the everyday Christian journey.

For me, a key factor in continuing my walk with God at university, was getting involved in a Church. Attending a weekly student Bible study meant that I was meeting new people, but also that I was intentionally putting aside an evening a week to study God’s Word, which my flatmates noticed and then asked questions about. Starting working with the Sunday School team was also a good way of feeling part of the community, and meant I met with people who weren’t students! All of this time in the Bible was a huge help in encouraging me to remember my faith in the everyday, focussing on what the Bible has to say about how I live my life in a way which glorifies God. I think this was a really important reminder that I needed, especially in an intense university environment, because an everyday faith should be showing those around you the difference that Christ makes in your life.

I also found my university’s Christian Union so useful in encouraging me to be bold with speaking to others about my faith. The students there really encouraged me to tell those in my accommodation, my course, and other people who I met about the most important thing in my life. It gave me the chance to get involved in running gospel-centred events, nightclub outreach, and showed me the importance of prayer in mission. Because Christian Unions are ran by students, it’s a real chance to own your faith, and gives you the resources to be sharing it with those around you dail

So, contrary to some beliefs, it is possible to continue in your faith at university. As with any relationship, investing time is key, and much of the everyday faith is shaped by time spent with God, having fellowship with others, and relying on God’s strength to share that faith with others.

First published on: 16th September 2019

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