St Denys Digital Pilgrims


Being connected to one another as a community is a simple step to helping one another connect with God.


In Evington, a WhatsApp group, is bringing people together who cannot always make it to church, to discuss their everyday faith in the exchange of words and pictures.


St Denys Digital Pilgrims has become a community in its own right since the social media group began a couple of years ago, and is made up of mostly younger church members and wedding couples.


At the start, Revd Anthony Lees-Smith would post a video or short article he’d come across every couple of weeks for people to respond to, but now the group mostly runs itself with people making their own recommendations or asking questions.


It’s a simple way of exchanging thoughts and feelings and, in the age of social media immediacy on mobile phones, it’s reassuring to know there will be someone from the church family available to talk to.


Lively discussions have included how society, and therefore God, perceives body art in the form of tattoos and the wonder of the book of Genesis and its relevance to modern life.


Together they are exploring their beliefs within a safe environment; they’re asking questions, telling stories and teaching one another, as disciples, how they pray and perceive the Gospel in the context of everyday faith.


The group is thriving and very much values how it is growing in faith and fellowship. When asked, feedback included: “I like being able to pray for each other and look at questions together. Also, sharing links to interesting things online. It makes me feel more connected to the church.” “I like that I feel I have support and I can ask questions that are confusing me or I’m finding a challenge to get something round my head.”


Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? Why not set up a WhatsApp group for your church and community and get connected in conversation about your everyday faith, every day.


First published on: 6th August 2019
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