St Mellitus College East Midlands announces Derby Diocese joining

We are delighted to announce that St Mellitus College, East Midlands and its provision of ordination training and theological education in the East Midlands’ region is now being undertaken in collaboration with the Diocese of Derby, in addition to the Dioceses of Leicester and Southwell & Nottingham.

Andy Emerton, Dean of St Mellitus College, writes:
“We are very excited by, and deeply thankful for, Bishop Libby’s invitation to partner in the Gospel with the Diocese of Derby, and we look forward to working with her and her team as we look to establish the East Midlands’ teaching centre and through it serve the mission and ministry of the Church in the region.”

Libby Lane, Bishop of Derby, writes:
“The Diocese of Derby is pleased to be a partner in this endeavour for our region.  We thank God for the provision St Mellitus contributes to the formation and training of ordinands and other students, which we pray will complement the existing rich opportunities for local, residential and contextual learning and training for ministry.”

Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester and Chair of the St Mellitus East Midlands Advisory Board, and Paul Williams, Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham, write:
“It is excellent to have the Diocese of Derby joining us in St Mellitus East Midlands as we grow still further in our work to see mission and ministry flourishing in the region.”

This new partnership and the successful launch of St Mellitus East Midlands was celebrated in the context of an Inaugural Lecture and Launch event at St Martins House, Leicester on Wednesday 13 November.

  Dr Jane Williams (Assistant Dean of St Mellitus College and Lecturer in Systematic Theology) delivered the Inaugural Lecture and spoke on the importance of holding together theology and the church, and in particular how theological learning enables profound, life-long attention to God and indeed living a real life.

St Mellitus College offers ordination training and theological education opportunities across five centres in England, and currently trains 25% of Church of England ordinands.

At the invitation of Bishop Paul (Southwell & Nottingham) and Bishop Martyn (Leicester), St Mellitus East Midlands was established to serve the mission and ministry of the Church in the region by offering full-time context-based ordination training (as well as wider full- and part-time theological education opportunities for anyone wishing to study theology), in which the study of theology is integrated with ministerial practice in the parish context.   This form of training now accounts for about 80% of Leicester ordinands.

St Mellitus East Midlands opened in September 2019 and is based at Trinity Church, Nottingham.  Applications for all St Mellitus College 2020 programmes are now open: click here for details.

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