Quinquennial Inspections

All churches are statutorily required to be inspected by an approved Architect or Surveyor at five yearly intervals. This is called the Quinquennial Inspection. The resources below discuss this in further detail.

The Diocese is required to publish a Scheme that sets out what is required for a Quinquennial Inspection. At the end of the Scheme document, there is Checklist of items required from the PCC for the Quinquennial Inspection which can also be downloaded below. There is also a FAQ’s document that gives further information if required. 

The Register of Architects / Surveyors who have expressed an interest in undertaking Quinquennial Inspections within the Diocese of Leicester can be found on the Architects page. All appointments of an Architect / Surveyor to undertake a Quinquennial Inspection need to be approved by the DAC.

Resources to download: