Gathering Stories - Generating Insights

This page gives details of how to join in our story gathering for the process of prayerfully and practically working out together how we live out our Everyday Faith in a new world.

Anyone who is part of any of our diocesan family of communities - churches, schools, chaplaincies, fresh expressions of Church, Cathedral etc - is invited to reflect on and share their recent faith experiences in order that we can learn together how God is reshaping us.

You can see more details below about the story gathering portal, which through a software tool called NarraFirma, will collate our stories to capture and share what's happening in the life of our faith communities around the diocese and what people are experiencing.

We will use that learning to explore together a new diocese-wide framework for our ministry, finance and buildings to establish ways of working that enable all to flourish despite the challenges we face. You can read more about that process by clicking on this link to our Shaped By God Together page.

Share your story

To share your story just download and read the instructions here. 

If you have heard someone else’s story and they can’t share it online themselves, please feel free to share it on their behalf (with their permission). You can share those downloadable instructions and share them with others in your faith community by email or print.

If you've already read the information and are ready to use the online story gathering platform, just click on this shortcut.

The video below is a virtual tour of the online form and hows you how to access it, fill it in and submit your story.

If you know someone who wants to share their story, but doesn’t have access to the internet or would just rather not do it directly, they can contact Josh CrickdeBoom, the Bishop’s Research Assistant, and he can arrange for someone to phone and collect the story.  Please contact Josh on or 0116 270 8985. 

You can also download the form here. This can be used by churches and faith communities to download, print and post to members of the community who don't use computers.

There are also options for even more creative ways of sharing your experiences. As well as collecting stories, experiences, anecdotes and examples via the website but if you want to contribute a picture, photo, social media post or something else graphical that has been meaningful, please take a photo of it and send it to  Please include your phone number, and Josh will give you a quick call to ask you a couple of other questions and then we can include this in the process. 

Again, if you have any questions or queries about taking part or about the questions on the portal, please do contact Josh in the first instance.

A team of Research Assistants, including Josh, have been trained up to help anyone across the diocese to share their story. Hazel Aucken is another one of the team and she has already begun visiting people who want to contribute their experiences.

This photo shows her in the garden of one rural Leicestershire churchgoer, Anne in Peckleton, who spent a little time talking about what has been happening in her faith life as part of the pilot for the software tool in August.

More detail of how Narrafirma works:

This a process of Participatory Narrative Inquiry. It works with complex situations and the stories people tell about their experiences. It invites people to share small anecdotes of their experience, and to answer some questions about their story. Within this process we will gather hundreds of stories and begin to examine patterns in the stories that can help shape responses at many levels. This will reveal our diocesan learning and will in turn feed into our future planning.

The process is Participatory in that it includes a diverse group of people as designers of the project, and hundreds of people to tell their stories. The process is Narrative in that we are gathering stories and allowing story tellers to interpret those stories. And it is Inquiry-based in that the stories and the patterns that are revealed provide material to stoke the curiosity of people and groups who may wish to learn and support promising emerging practices.

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