The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) is the diocesan committee required within the Faculty process and appointed by the Bishop, to act as an advisory body on matters affecting places of worship in the diocese, having due regard to the Church’s role as a local centre of worship and mission, relating to their:

  • Architecture, archaeology, art and history

  • Use, care, planning and design

  • Use and care of their contents

  • Use and care of churchyards

Drawing on their ability to offer technical advice on the best way to proceed, the DAC is required to give advice to Parochial Church Councils, particularly in respect of proposals developed by the PCC. The DAC advise if a PCC needs to undertake repairs or remedial works, and supports projects going forward. They give their time free of charge and are an invaluable source of advice to PCCs.

The DAC also offers early advice to:

  • A PCC if it is considering a major re-ordering, the addition of new facilities (e.g. a WC or kitchen), or an extension

  • The Archdeacon considering applications to authorise works under List B of the Matters not requiring a Faculty

  • The Diocesan Chancellor (who is responsible for granting all Faculties)

  • Anyone else who is contemplating making an application for a private faculty

All works will be covered by Faculty Jurisdiction and so will qualify either as:

  • List A (needing no permission)

  • List B of the Matters not requiring a Faculty but requiring permission from the Archdeacon in advance of the works being undertaken 

  • Faculty from the Chancellor (List C)or 

Details of what permission is required can be found on the Faculties and Matters not requiring a Faculty page.



For more information or advice please contact:

The Revd Rupert Allen, DAC Secretary & Database Manager

T: 0116 261 5332 / 07947353125 E: rupert.allen@leicestercofe.org





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