Parish Transition and Ministry Development Team

The Parish Transition and Ministry development Team (PT&MD) has grown out of the former Mission and Ministry Department, and is a smaller team whose function is to support ministers, parishes, fresh expressions of Church and other worshipping communities in their transition to and implementation of the emerging new Shaped By God Together framework for the diocese.

The emphasis is on resourcing and enabling ministry and mission in local contexts that accords with our diocesan priorities, which have been agreed at Diocesan Synod, and the “Everyday Faith” (three Key Questions) culture of the diocese.

The PT&MD exists to:
  • Develop and encourage a culture of ‘Everyday Faith’ (3KQ) throughout the diocese.
  • Form, develop and oversee, teams comprised of lay and ordained, that resource the people and churches of the diocese in their work within the diocesan priorities.
  • Provide focussed support for churches, FxCs, Resource Churches & Church plants, Intercultural Worshipping Communities, and other worshipping communities within the SBGT transition.
  • Accompany Minster Communities in their formation & missional discernment.
  • Work alongside established Minster Communities to develop and retain their missional focus, through reviews, support and challenge.
  • Work alongside ministry teams and individual ministers (lay & ordained), to review, support and develop their discipleship development and vocations.
  • Ensure cross-diocesan development and act as conduits of learning and support.
  • Ensure SBGT implementation experience of ministers, parishes and fresh expressions is reflected upon and engaged with.
PT&MD work areas

To assist the overall team purpose the PT&MD team provides specialist support in the following areas:

  • Discipleship & Vocations
  • Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Communities
  • Mission & Communication
  • Pioneering and Fresh Expressions of Church
  • Ministry Training and initial ministry development
  • Continuing Ministerial Development
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