Clergy Retirement

Clergy who are approaching retirement and/or who choose to spend their retirement in the Diocese of Leicester are supported through diocesan officers in various ways.

The main diocesan contact is Revd Tony Leighton (Bishop’s Officer for Retired Clergy and Widowed Families of Clergy), who is happy to be contacted by retired or soon-to-be retired clergy.

There are many different paths to take for those who would like to continue in fellowship, support, vocation and development in their retirement.

For those retiring into the Diocese of Leicester from elsewhere, there is a summary of information about the diocese which you can download here.

For those who are retiring having previously been in the Diocese of Leicester, download the ‘Retirement within the Diocese of Leicester’ document here, which has some helpful information.

Retired clergy are still entitled to apply for Continuing Ministry Development grants (up to £160.00 per year) and are very much welcome at most CMD events.  

There is also an active Retired Clergy and Family Committee, which offers a range of opportunities for fellowship and support.

For more details, please contact the Bishop’s Officer for Retired Clergy and Widowed Families of Clergy, Revd Tony Leighton, 07792 415324,

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