Contactless Card Payment Machines

Contactless Card Payment Machines are used almost everywhere in order to pay for goods and services by credit or debit card.  It is important that our churches enable members of our congregations and visitors to give contactlessly too.

Churches can buy card payment readers through the Parish Buying website Parish Buying - Giving & Payments  and prices start from just £19.99 

“I usually mention donations when I give notices before the service starts. At the end of a baptism service in summer 2019 the baby’s grandfather opened his phone, with a couple of bank cards in the cover, and said ‘I don’t suppose you take cards, or apple pay, I don't carry cash on me anymore’. 

There was also a second family member who was willing to donate by card but had no cash. They are a village family and made a donation afterwards by cheque in the post, but it would have been so easy to take a donation by card at the time.  We now have a card machine so this won’t be an issue in the future”

Revd Clive R Watts
Priest in Charge, Barrow and Wolds Group

Frequently asked questions:
What are the benefits of having a Card Payment machine in my church?
Using a card reader means visitors and members of church congregations can donate with their card rather than by cash or cheque.
Can they be used for other purposes?
Card readers can be used for fundraising and to take payments for tickets for events or at events such as church fetes.
How much will a card reader cost?
Card payment machines vary in cost however the cheapest ones are just £19.99 from SumUp. Many churches start with a Sum-Up machine using either Wifi or a mobile phone with a data SIM. There are no ongoing charges with the SumUp machine and the charges are just 1.1% of any donations taken.
Where should I buy a card reader?
The Church of England has negotiated special prices with a range of suppliers for a wide variety of card readers.
My church doesn’t have wifi or a mobile phone signal – what should I do?
The Parish Buying website gives a few different options for you. You can even do an online survey to find out the best reader on the Parish Buying website here Parish Buying - Giving & Payments
Who should I contact for more advice?
You can contact the Generous Giving Team. They would be happy to talk to you about choosing and purchasing a card reader. For more information please contact Ariel Baker – 
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