Contemplative Photography as a Tool for Missional Prayer
5th December 2019
This is a research project which is being carried out by Morna Simpson. Morna is a curate in the city of Leicester, and has been using photography as a form of prayer for a number of years now. She has run workshops and quiet days centred around contemplative photography as a tool for prayer:

I am looking for readers, evangelists, ordinands, lay pioneers, ordained pioneers, curates, and incumbents - anyone who is interested in using photography as a focus for mission! I am asking you to be part of a research project.

Your role in this research project has three components:
1) Taking part in a focus day on Thursday 5th December which will give participants the opportunity to take part in activities which use contemplative photography as a form of prayer or discussion around prayer and spirituality.
2) Back in your own context, you will choose one of the activities you took part in, adapt it for your context, and run that activity with an established group of individuals. You will ask for feedback from your participants.
3) You will then attend a focus group where the discussion will seek to gather feedback around your experiences of using contemplative photography in your context and how effective it might be for developing a more missional approach to prayer.

To sign up, or to register your interest, please contact Morna Simpson at
Before running your activity you will need to seek permission from your incumbent and/or PCC.


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