Called to ordination

“What does God want me to do?”

We are all called into relationship with God and one another. Then God wants us to use this new found life for the building up of ourselves, each other, the world, the kingdom. This is done in many ways, large and small, public and private. Often there is a main focus to it and people call this their vocation or calling. It can be paid or voluntary, full time or part time, long term or short term, outside of the church or part of the church.

The way of finding out what it is that God is calling us to is the process of discernment. How we discern varies. Some people are given a gentle nudge whilst others need a Birmingham screwdriver (a hammer!). For some it starts within and is then confirmed by others. Others are encouraged to explore by those around them and then gradually it grows within. It is not always clear which is why the Church of England, both locally and nationally, have various people and processes to help


If you are thinking that your calling might involve being ordained, that is being a deacon or priest then:

1.    Pray

2.    Speak to your church leader or chaplain

3.    Look at the national website -

4.    For more information on the discernment process please visit Understanding Discernment | The Church of England


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