Did You Know We Get A Copy of Each New Grove Book at Christian Resources?

The Grove series of books are fantastic resources for providing the Christian community with clear and concise explorations of Christian living and ministry. “Not the last word, but often the first”. They provide brief, clear, quality thinking that address contemporary issues. There are nine series of books on biblical studies, education, ethics, evangelism, leadership, pastoral, ministry, spirituality, worship and youth. Each series gets a new title each quarter, and at Christian Resources we get a copy of each one for you to have a look at.

Below is a selection of some of the most recent Grove books we have received.

The Celtic Soul-friend by Andrew J Scholes, £3.95, Grove Pastoral, 9781788270786, P157

Interest in Celtic Christianity and spirituality has grown in recent years. How might the Celtic tradition of one-to-one soul-friendship contribute to the present-day pursuit of discipleship and spiritual growth?

This illuminating study examines the contemporary understanding of the Celtic soul-friend, and explores how the role can be practised within Christian communities. It argues that the soul-friend figure provides an opportunity to recover the place of confession in local church congregations.

Leading and Shaping a Discipleship Culture by Cris Rogers, £3.95, Grove Leadership, 9781788270830, L36

Making disciples is central to the calling and mission of all Christian Believers, and especially so for leaders.

This action-packed booklet argues that authentic, enabling, empowering leadership is vital for creating a healthy culture within churches. It draws on experience and observation of disciple-making churches to lay out a practical, six-part process for encouraging a culture of whole-life discipleship.

Wisdom for Worship Bands by John Leach, £3.95, Grove Worship, 9781788270847, W239

Worship Leaders (meaning those who lead sung worship) have a role of growing importance in the life of the local church, not least because what we sing shapes out theology and spirituality.

But do we always reflect on what we are doing? This study draws on insight from musicology, theology and worship to suggest ways that worship leaders can reflect on what music does to us, what lyrics are saying, and what shape our worship takes. If offers a vital resource for a vital ministry.

Wealth, Fundraising and the Problem of Major Donors by Justin Thacker, £3.95, Grove Ethics, 9781788270816, E193

Fundraising, whether by local churches or international Christian ministries, is a major part of Christian social action in the world today. It is therefore something of a surprise that Christian organizations have not done more thinking about the ethics of their fundraising activities.

This study offers a cogent critique of the general approach to major donors, who often have greater influence over a charity and receive preferential treatment. Is this ethically acceptable, and what alternative approaches are there?

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