Diocesan Conference Bookstall with books written and recommended by speakers

Christian Resources will be running a bookstall at the Diocesan Conference. Below are a smattering of the books which will be available.

Remember to bring your account card if you want to buy books on your church account.

Hospitality, Service, Proclamation by Tom Wilson
Hospitality, Service, Proclamation seeks to demystify the interfaith project. Written for ordinands and those preparing to minister in neighbourhoods where interfaith and intercultural dialogue are essential
Normal Price £19.99 Conference Price £15.99

Pioneering Spirituality by Cathy Ross
Pioneering spirituality is about people listening and telling, learning and exploring, paying attention and discovering hope rooted in the good news wherever we are.
Normal Price £19.99 Conference Price £10.99

Every Tribe by Sharon Prentis
Every Tribe celebrates the true diversity of the saints, inspiring the church to become what it is meant to be: the rainbow people of God serving the diverse needs of a diverse world.
Normal Price £9.99 Conference Price £6.99

The Human Condition by Joe Kapolyo
Recognising both the authority of the Bible, which teaches that people are created in the image of God but also corrupted by rebellion and sin, and the relevance of distinctly African perspectives on what it means to be human, this book reaffirms the biblical vision of redeemed human life in community in Christ. This vision offers a solution to the crisis of identity experienced by people who have forgotten who they are - and whose they are.
Normal Price £9.99 Conference Price £7.99

Christianity Rediscovered by Vincent Donovan (recommended by Al Barrett)
Superficially just a good missionary story, about how one man brought a number of groups of Masai people in east Africa to Christian faith, this book, which is written with moving simplicity, continues to represent a provocative challenge to all those engaged in issues of evangelism and multiculturalism.
Normal Price £12.99 Conference Price £9.99

Peculiar Goings On by Dave Walker
From tables of churchgoing types to startling revelations of what people are thinking about during prayers, plus what actually happens to all those yoghurt pots collected for holiday club, this fourth collection of perfectly-observed cartoons will bring a smile to the face of any churchgoer.
Normal Price £7.99 Conference Price £3.00

These and plenty more books at special prices will be available so remember to bring your account card if you want to purchase that way.

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