Does everyone in your congregation have the opportunity to give generously?

In 2017 the number of people paying by cash fell below the number paying by debit or credit card. The number of cash machines is falling, especially in rural and urban areas, and many machines that used to dispense cash with a charge is also reducing.

The Generous Giving Team in the Diocese of Leicester have a number of card readers to give to churches in the diocese, free of charge, to help them make sure that people who want to express their discipleship through giving, to support the work of the church, are able to do so even if they don’t have any cash in their pockets.

There is some evidence, anecdotal at this stage, that having a card reader in church adds to the amount received without necessarily reducing the amount of cash taken.

If you are interested in seeing if a card reader could work in your church, please contact Philip Leech in the Generous Giving Team.

email: Telephone: 0116 261 5244

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