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Does everyone in your congregation have the opportunity to give generously?
In 2017 the number of people paying by cash fell below the number paying by debit or credit card. The number of cash machines is falling, especially in rural and urban areas, and many machines that used to dispense cash with a charge is also reducing.

Essential Finance for PCCs – A checklist
A new checklist has been produced to assist PCCs with ensuring that they are compliant with legal requirements relating to financial matters. The checklist is available for download from (scroll to foot of page)

SCIE Safeguarding Audit 2019 – Leicester Cathedral
I am very pleased to receive the final report from the SCIE independent audit of our Cathedral Safeguarding.

New Churchcare website launched
On the 1st March, the old ChurchCare website was closed and a new one was launched.

Additional Matter not requiring a Faculty
The Chancellor for the Diocese of Leicester has issued an Additional Matter Order that adds the following to List B, which requires the Archdeacon’s consent via the Online Faculty System (OFS):

Deanery Boundaries redrawn to promote mission and local identity
In a move designed to encourage the mission work of local churches, the current Framland and Gartree I and II Deaneries are being reshaped and renamed. Two benefices in the south of Framland, including Launde Abbey, will join with the deeply rural parishes of Gartree I to form the Launde Deanery, while Market Harborough will join up with Oadby to form a deanery based around the A6 corridor, called the Gartree Deanery.

Important Safeguarding Update
Please note that information on parish safeguarding arrangements – and specifically who to contact if someone has any safeguarding concerns – should appear on the front page of all parish websites. If this isn’t currently the case, then we ask that websites are updated as soon as reasonably possible.

Metal Theft Guidance
The Diocese is reminding churches of the support and help on offer from our Church Buildings Team to help try to prevent theft and also for help in the event of such a crime, if it happens.

How to take great photographs of your church
When it comes to engaging with people and encouraging them to come to your church, great images are hugely important.

Tell us your stories!
Tell us your stories, we’d love to hear from you!

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