Policy and Practice Guidance

The Church of England website Safeguarding pages are the most up to date source to download policy and practice guidance. The information below should help you find what you are looking for.

Safeguarding Handbook

The Safeguarding Handbook is essential reading for those in ministry and signposts to other documents as appropriate.

Some sections are out of date as guidance has been updated, including the safeguarding training section so please refer to Training and Events - Diocese of Leicester (anglican.org) for the current information, but is still important.

The handbook will be updated in light of guidance reviews, anticipated 2024.

National Church of England Safeguarding Handbook – available to download here

Leicester specific appendix available to download here.

Policy Statement
Practice Guidance

The Safeguarding E-Manual Safeguarding e-manual | The Church of England

The Safeguarding E-manual is the House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Guidance and Safeguarding Code of Practice. Each specific piece of Guidance / Code comprises a Chapter of the e-manual and is added once it has been updated. The guidance is updated as needed so is the most UpToDate and can be downloaded if needed.

The list below indicates guidance available as of September 2023.

Safeguarding Code of Practice (duty to comply)

  • Safeguarding Practice Reviews

House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Guidance (due regard)

  • Declaration of Conflict of Interest 
  • Responding Well to Victims and Survivors of Abuse
  • Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults
  • Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework
  • Safeguarding in Religious Communities
  • Safer Recruitment and People Management (includes lots of useful documents)

Other policies (good practice)

  • Ukrainian Refugees
Other Policy and Practice guidance: Policy and practice guidance | The Church of England

Any guidance not in the e-manual can be found in this section

Headings include

  • Practice Guidance (includes Safer Environment and Activities)
  • Responding Well
  • Regulations
  • Other Key Guidance 
  • Joint Practice Guidance with The Methodist Church
Templates and Resources: Templates and resources from the national Church of England 

There are a variety of templates and resources that can be downloaded, if they are not already found in the Safeguarding E-manual.

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