Properties needed for One Roof Night Shelter

Can you help those who might be sleeping rough next winter?

New Government regulations in the wake of the pandemic mean that the traditional Night Shelter, accommodating around a dozen people at risk of rough sleeping during the coldest nights of the year, will not be permissible this coming winter.

So, One Roof Leicester (of which the Diocese is a member) is asking if you know of any properties that you think would be suitable that they could potentially use and have on a 3 year or more lease? 

This could be houses that are 3 or 4 bed, a space that could be converted to offer self-contained units/or shared between 3 to 4 people, or a larger space which can create single ‘pods’ with floor to ceiling fixed partitions that are ventilated with capacity for extra kitchens/bathrooms so no more than 3 to 4 individuals are sharing facilities.

The project is supported by Leicester City Council and Government funding is available to support the costs, but One Roof Leicester needs to find the properties.  The deadline is short, so they need to know by the beginning of June whether this is possible. 

IF you think you may be able to help, or want to know more, please contact Salma Ravat or phone 07989 698483.

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