Last updated 29 March 2022:

On this page you can find details about counselling, coaching, financial wellbeing and spiritual direction as well as resources for you to use for your own mental health and wellbeing.

Bishop's Retreat Days at Launde Abbey

Clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers are invited to join an upcoming retreat at Launde Abbey on one of the following dates:

  • Wednesday 6th September
  • Thursday 12th October
  • Thursday 2nd November
  • Saturday 2nd December
  • Wednesday 13th December

These days are offered free of charge, with lunch and refreshments included. The days start with worship in the chapel at 9am and close with a service of eucharist at 3.30pm. Please email bishops.office@leicestercofe.org to book a place.

Wellbeing Working Group

The Bishops' Leadership Team has established this group to look at ways of supporting our church leaders. 

This group is chaired by Claire Wood, the Archdeacon of Loughborough, and its membership also comprises: Alison Adams, Andy Brockbank, Stuart Burns, Andy Hall, Mayo Jolaoso, Vince Jupp, Carolyn Lewis, David Newman and Richard Worsfold.

Alongside collating resources and updating this page with opportunities to help with your wellbeing, the group will also be contributing to the Shaped by God Together process, recognising that support for wellbeing will continue to be a key priority as a new diocesan framework for mission emerges.


Diocesan Counselling Service

The  Counselling Service which is available to Clergy and their families, and Licensed Lay Leaders has been up and running since October 2020. This is one avenue of support offered by the diocese. If you would like to discuss your issues with someone and would like to explore if counselling could offer you the support you need, please contact our Diocesan Counselling Coordinator Anissa Chung on Anissa.Chung@LeicesterCofE.org. or 0739 819 9392 to book an initial meeting.

Coaching and Spiritual Direction

For more infomation about Coaching (Available through the Parish Transition and Ministry Department) contact Stuart Burns, Director of PT&MD Team, on stuart.burns@leicestercofe.org.uk

For more infomation about Spiritual Direction: Contact Revd Liz Rawlings liz.rawlings@leicestercofe.org and see our Spiritual Direction web page here.

Financial Wellbeing for Clergy and Licensed Lay Leaders

Concern about our finances and our longer term financial planning can be a specific drain on our energy and ministry.  To support us we have appointed Chris Sheldon as our Financial Wellbeing Coordinator who can confidentially help Clergy, licensed lay leaders, retired clergy and families. You can read more about this support here and you can contact Chris confidentially at chris@sheldonhouse.co.uk or call him on 07779 273705.

Other Wellbeing Resources and Ideas
Urgent Help

If you find yourself feeling low, tearful, angry or unable to cope for a long period of time, you may be suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. Find out about the support available.

Telephone numbers for mental health organisations can be downloaded here or a link to therapeutic support through GP referral may be found here.

Telephone numbers for mental health organisations can be downloaded here.

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