What is Coaching?

At its heart, coaching is about keeping people company while they think, in a way that is useful to them and moves them on.

Coaching conversations can offer people time and space to think about something that matters to them, in a robust and intentional way so that they can move forwards.

Within the Diocese of Leicester, coaching enables us to work towards the aims of our Diocesan Vision, ‘Shaped by God’ - and strategically come alongside people, at pivotal moments in their life and work, as they grow in their discipleship and service.

If you would like to explore the possibility of having a coaching conversation please contact Stuart Burns in the first instance.

Within the diocese we also offer transition coaching to anyone new to a role or appointment.

Coaching conversations can be particularly useful where, by the end, the person knows:

●       Something new - that they didn’t know at the beginning

●       What they might do  - and of the various options, what they are willing/able to do next

●       How they might go about this - and/or

●       Where they might take any further thinking and discussion.

Coaching isn’t counselling or therapy. Coaching is designed to be both appropriately supportive and challenging. It sits alongside other developmental approaches, like spiritual direction, mentoring and supervision.

A coaching style can also be useful within these separate and distinct ways of being alongside others, for the purpose of their growth and learning.

Coaching is valued within the Diocese as a ministry developmental tool, which enables people to explore options and possibilities, discover solutions - and find their own ways forward. It honours the wisdom of the person, their unique experience and their understanding of their particular context.

Our experience is that asking people timely questions, rather than providing direction, dispensing wisdom or offering advice, equips people to:

●       continue thinking, beyond the end of the conversation

●       empower them to take responsibility for moving forwards

●       take appropriate action, where required.

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