Bishop Saju in India

Bishop Saju took time off work immediately after Holy Week to visit his elderly parents and other family and friends and to speak at a very special church in Kerala, India.

He said he was thrilled speak in the church he had been baptised in "all those 42 years ago - Kollam Kadisha Syrian Church. Before all other identities and tasks, we are baptised disciples of Jesus Christ."

He also visited the home where his Father grew up and said: "This is where as a child I read the Scriptures and remember God being real as I read the pages of Scripture. We look for home and perhaps is found in the most surpising places."

At the end of his holiday in Inida, Bishop Saju said: "My heart is full of gratitude for being able to spend some time with my parents and siblings, the opportunities to speak Jesus in Anglican and Orthodox churches along the coast, the hospitality I experienced and the belonging I sensed in my stunningly beautiful country!"

You can see a video of Bishop Saju telling us a bit more about himself, his background and his journey of faith here on our Youtube account  and read a recent article in Leicester's Pukaar magazine all about Bishop Saju (page 44 and 45) by clicking here.


First published on: 9th May 2022
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