How one deanery began encouraging congregations to consider Eco Church

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In Akeley East Deanery, thinking has begun about how churches can start considering becoming Eco Churches. 

In February, a workshop was held which used a presentation to get people thinking about simple ideas that could start on them on the journey. They are happy for other deaneries and churches to adapt it for your own use (click here to download).

In addition to the workshop deanery members were also asked to make Eco Pledges – personal actions we are inspired to take as a result of the evening’s Eco speakers and workshop. These are some of the pledges they made which we hope might inspire others:

Being vegetarian.
Will walk more and drive less.
I will buy fewer new clothes.
I pledge to use my scooter rather than the car locally.
To get the lent book from the local book shop not Amazon.
To encourage the use of environmentally friendly products.
Ensure kitchen extension planned is as eco-friendly as poss – make this a priority and talk with architect.
Get two more people to swap to glass bottled milk.
Avoid using/buying some plastic or single use item.
I pledge to support biodiversity in my garden and community.
I pledge to walk whenever possible this week.
To cycle to church.
Use less energy.
I will be more aware of the things I need to do and do it.
I pledge to change tea bags for tea leaves.
Encourage wildlife habitats in gardens and churchyards.
Cycle more.
Look at light bulbs at home. Church talk about no news sheets/ reducing printing.
I will make sure I compost my organic waste, and not use plastic bags anymore.
More recycling than now, change cleaning products.
To stop and think about packaging and press for more use of non-plastic.
I pledge this week to choose more eco-friendly products when I shop.
Further research better ways of heating our home.
To try and use my bike a bit more (weather permitting)
Reduce the big CO2 emissions. Flying/transport.
Become our church environment lead.
Walk ad bus more leave the car at home.
I can create lent boards advertising eco activities.
I will use a reusable cup.
I will reduce my chemical use in house and garden.
I can use my transport less/better.
Recycle more at messy church.
I will preach more on creation and on our responsibilities to it and God and to ourselves.
Recycle 10 books read and not required by me.
Leave the car at home.
I can endeavour to recycle more and waste nothing and reduce the energy I use.
Use the car less, walk, ride a bike, walk, ride, repeat.
To use less of the worlds resources.
I will recycle, recycle, recycle.
I will use my car less this week and walk more.
Look after the fabric of the church and all the people.
I will sort out my wardrobe and pass on my clothes to help others. In the future tools for Africa.
I will be more aware of ecology.

First published on: 27th May 2020
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