Angela's Everyday Faith

We spend an average of 42 hours a week at work; that is a large chunk of our time! Angela spoke to Shaped about how her faith helps her in the everyday at work as a Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist

I am a person who treats and cares for people who have been unwell.  Most of the people I come into contact with have had an injury to the brain and/or central nervous system.  My job requires me to go into people’s home environment mainly and local community to treat them.  I also work with carers of people who are ill or disabled.

Jesus spoke, healed the sick and disabled and taught people.  A lot of his work took place in people’s home environments and local communities too.  In the same way Jesus carried out God’s work, I also believe I am doing God’s work with people who need help in their homes and local communities.  I love my job working as an occupational therapist and I aim to do the best I can when working with other people.  I believe God wants us all to do a good job whatever it is, even those jobs nobody else wants to do.  I believe God wants me to have pride in what I do and do my best for others.  I believe this makes God happy and it definitely makes me happy to know I have done my best and used my skills well.

Entering a therapeutic relationship with love in my heart for all people who have experienced a traumatic change to their lives often results in a positive connection with people and their carers. As Jesus connected with people often left by the way side or ignored he showed us we can learn so much from them.  In the same way, I have learnt from many of my patients and give thanks for this situation. 

My Christian faith also gives me the courage to deal with whatever situation I am faced with.  Knowing that God is with me each day helps me to cope with new and challenging situations and has helped me make some difficult decisions in the past.  I have not been disappointed by the outcome of these decisions as I have learnt to put my faith in God.

This article was first published in Shaped Magaine in January 2019


First published on: 29th October 2020

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