Bishop's letter in The Times calls for full inquiry into impact of COVID-19 and Government action to tackle racismĀ 

The Times has published a letter by the Bishop of Loughborough, calling for a comprehensive public enquiry following this week’s report highlighting disparities in impact of the Coronavirus, as well as urging the Government to outline what steps will be taken to tackle racial prejudice more widely.

In the letter, Bishop Guli said:

“I welcome the delayed Public Health England (PHE) Disparities in the risk and outcomes of Covid-19 report which highlights what was already widely known - that the Covid-19 virus has laid bare and highlighted existing inequalities within society, chiefly longstanding systemic inequalities. Once again many who are most marginalised are bearing the heaviest cost, amongst them people of BAME heritage.

“In the Diocese of Leicester we live in a context which is ethnically diverse and includes many people of Black African, Caribbean and Asian heritage. The past weeks have seen raised levels of anxiety for many people within our diaspora communities including in our churches. All of this has been heightened as we have witnessed with horror the events surrounding the murder of George Floyd in the United States.

“Whilst it is right that work should continue to develop greater understanding of the underlying scientific causes of why Covid-19 impacts some more than others, the Government must outline clearly what steps are to be taken to tackle racial prejudice more widely and to challenge the culture of discrimination. I support the call from the coalition led by the Ubele Initiative for a full and comprehensive public enquiry into these disparities.”


First published on: 5th June 2020
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