Bishop Martyn leads a service to dedicate a memorial to those lost in the Hinckley Road explosion four years ago.

The Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Revd Martyn Snow, led worship with the Ragoobeer & Reek families, together with the local community, and dedicated a memorial to those who tragically lost their lives in 2018 on the Hinckley Road, Leicester.

Bishop Martyn said:  “It was a privilege to be able to gather with the Ragoobeer and Reek families to remember those who died and dedicate the memorial with members of the local community and first responders who worked so hard in the aftermath of this tragedy. Being able to come together and share prayers and readings, to share lament and grief as well as cherishing the memories of those we have lost, before God, can be an important part of our personal journeys after such devastating loss.”

Other local church and community leaders as well as first responders who had attended the scene four years ago were led in worship by Bishop Martyn. The dedication service had prayers, readings and poems, including this prayer from the Iona Community:

Gracious God,

You have gathered us here together from different places, 

different traditions and with different needs.

Of ourselves, we cannot come with undivided hearts; 

unfinished business, unmended brokenness, the hurts of 

the past, the fears of the present, our torn and weary world 

itself all weigh us down. But you can lighten our hearts, 

revive our spirits and unite us in glad and hopeful praise, 

and so we bless you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.   


First published on: 2nd April 2022
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