Bishop Saju's Video Message on Learnings from Resourcing Churches

The Resourcing Church Programme was set up in 2019, with funding from the national church, to develop a network of church-planting churches so as to better reach and serve the 93% of people in our communities who have no contact with church. Since then, the six Resourcing Churches have established 26 new worshipping communities (with another 9 in the pipeline) and drawn in 774 new worshippers. Thanks to both a growth in the number of disciples, and encouraging worshippers to go deeper in their discipleship, the Resourcing Churches and their plants have also seen an increase of £380,000 in their unrestricted giving since 2019.

Bishop Saju shares some of the learning from leaders from the resourcing churches and the insights which are important for churches of all contexts and traditions in our diocese. He highlights the need for prayer, for community, sustainability and being prepared to experiment and fail.

Below you can watch the videos capturing the stories of two of the new worshipping communities to come out of the Resourcing Churches project - Living Hope Thurmaston and St Barnabas Grange Park (produced by Homespun Projects).

First published on: 1st May 2024
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