Bishops' Christmas hopes for everyone to encounter God who journeyed towards us

Watch this video message (below) from the Bishops of Leicester and Loughborough which focusses on journeys and encounters that lead to change, like those that lead us to meet people we didn't know before, and the journeys of encounter and change made by the shepherds and wise men in the Christmas story.


"The Christian story is about God journeying towards us, so Christians often to speak about our own lives being about journeying towards God, our ultimate destination," says Bishop Martyn who recalls journeys to visit family at Christmas when we was younger.

Bishop Guli says: "So we encounter one another and we also encounter God, the God who the Christmas story tells us isn't distant or remote but draws very close to us just in the ordinary, everyday experience of our life."

Speaking of the people in the Christmas story - shepherds and wise men who deliberately made unusual journeys seeking the unlikely saviour - Bishop Guli says: "Their journey wasn't just an aimless ramble, the purpose was to meet and encounter this new born king who would change the course of history, this baby born 'God made flesh'."

Bishop Martyn continues: "So whoever you encounter along the way this Christmas, our hope is that you also encounter the Christmas story, the God who journeyed towards us and the God who came to bring us peace and joy."

"We both wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas," says Bishop Guli.





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