Stories of faith from Easter Baptisms and Confirmations

This Easter Sunday saw our Bishops out in the diocese for services of Baptism and Confirmation and Bishop Martyn's sermon addressed the suffering all around us and the transforming hope of our faith (read it here). 

In the morning Bishop Saju was in Mountsorrel and baptised three children; Oakley, Milie and Gillie, and three adults including Corinne and Victoria by full immersion. Five people were also confirmed including Caroline, Corinne and Victoria. Read some of their testimonies, shared on the day, below:

Caroline: I am here today to confirm and strengthen my faith in Jesus. Becoming a Christian has filled a hole in my life and helped me find meaning, purpose and joy even when things are difficult. I would like to thank everyone at Christ Church for making me feel welcome and part of the church family, and my sponsors Margaret, Jenny and Ray for their friendship and kindness.

Victoria: I have always believed in a creator and strived to connect with God and spirit, having been exposed to a spiritual world from a young age I had many questions unanswered. I explored many different spiritual paths through my life. As a child I believed in Jesus but turned away from faith to practice wicca and paganism as this at the time seemed to get results but I was guided back during the last year through a difficult period of depression and anxieties. I decided to trust and give my life to Jesus and things I had struggled with for the longest time changed overnight. I cannot deny the existence or the power in the Lord's name and that I know and believe now that Jesus Christ did in fact die for our sins and he has been guiding me back to him. I now only want to walk the path that God has intended for me and my family henceforth. I must admit that talking to you all today has been a difficult thing to do as at first, I felt embarrassed and even shy to speak openly about my faith. And I'm sure many people have felt or feel this through their journeys.
I hope speaking my truth today will reaffirm to myself and maybe help anyone out there that does not stand firm in their faith to do so.

John 15: 18 Jesus says" If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. I feel reading this helped me a lot to find the strength and the confidence to speak my truth. I also just want to take this opportunity to thank Colin and his family and all the members here at Christ Church and St Peter's for the work they do, the activities and courses that they provide have really helped me grow. You have all been so kind and welcoming and have supported me Millie and Gillie to explore Christianity and I'm very grateful.

Corinne: Firstly I would like to thank Colin for making today happen and for helping me start my journey - I'm sure Linda is looking forward to all my questions along the way!
I would like to thank my church family. From the moment I first walked through the church doors I finally found a place I felt like I belonged, I was instantly hit by the warmth and welcoming by you all. You've helped me gain my trust and belief - not only in God - but also in people. Oakley's Godparents, I really couldn't have chosen better people to help guide and support him. He absolutely adores you and the way he walks in the church doors like he's at home speaks for itself. I'm so glad I have such amazing people surrounding us it really does warm my heart. I believe that God knew I needed support, reassurance, strength and a place where I belong so he led me here and I'll forever be grateful.

In the afternoon Bishop Martyn was in Glooston and baptised Hannah Currington and confirmed Hannah, Rosalind and Christopher. 


First published on: 17th April 2023
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