Hot cross buns help unite families online to remember Jesus's sacrifice

Fresh cooked hot cross buns

Although they cannot be hanging out in the village hall right now, St Catherine’s Church in Houghton-on-the-Hill held their monthly ‘Explore’ session via video link, and they all made Hot Cross Buns together. We think you’ll agree from the pictures, they look amazing!

Around 16 families, 46 adults and children, took to their kitchens to follow a demo and instructions for baking the fruity Easter treats. 

Vicar, Steve Ransley, also spoke as part of the session, reminding everyone of what happened to Jesus on the cross and why, with an all-age message. 

Explore was set up to help connect with families in Houghton, who would not normally attend a Sunday morning service. The group comes together once a month to do activities such as fire building and fitness, hear the good news of Jesus and share a meal together.

Leaders and members felt it was as important as ever to keep this group worshiping together.

Michael Corner, Children’s and Youth Worker at St Catherine’s said: “During this time, people are feeling more isolated. Although we are encouraging everyone to stick to the new laws put in place by the government to slow the spread of Covid-19, we don’t like the term 'social distancing'. We are striving for the exact opposite! A social nearing, while being a safe and legal distance away physically.”

Bringing people together has been a core part of Explore, and is part of what draws people back again and again - spending time together as a family, but also having fun and learning something as a community. 

Vicar Steve said: “We are relational beings, by virtue of being made in the image of a relational God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We therefore want to give people the chance to connect with one another and continue to hear the life changing news of Jesus Christ.”

It seems the general consensus was that everyone enjoyed themselves. Michael added: “Doing something physical all at the same time, even though we were physically distant, meant it really did feel like we were together. 

“My wife is allergic to milk, egg, and orange, so our particular hot cross buns were quite different to everyone else’s – but in my opinion, they were no less tasty!”

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