Families in lockdown taking comfort from Noah's ark

Two Leicester families have been using their time in “lockdown” to engage in an unfolding bible-based craft project. Tabz and Jo, both mums of young toddlers, have been using the Noah’s ark story as a way of not only teaching their little ones the story, but also as a way of talking about God’s love, promises and protection.

Each day they add a new element to their Noah’s ark scenes. “It’s proving to be a great success and we’ve not even got to the rainbow, yet” reported Tabz, who seems to have been enjoying the process as much as her daughter.

Jo, who has a two-year-old son, told us: “The idea came to me when thinking about the children across the UK who have been creating colourful rainbows and putting them in windows as a way of giving hope to passers-by.”

Drawings of Noah's ark

How might your family engage creatively with everyday faith in the home over these next few weeks?

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Noahs ark crafts


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